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       GRADED ‘A’ (Excellent)  
     by Singapore Police Force 2017                             Top Private Investigators investigation services

Case number 1809087M
I approached Uncle Magnum for help as i had some doubts about my spouse. He was very encouraging and helpful. He took into consideration all the difficulties that i am experiencing and suggested ways to solve this in the best possible way. He is really a PI above all others. Very passionate and sincere about helping people out. I really appreciate all his advice and encouragement. Thank you Uncle Magmum. May God watch over you.

Case: 1803040M
This in not the first time I have engaged Dr Magnum for his professional services. Not only did he went all the way to help and assist my case personally, he picked me up and guided me step by step on what to do for my future. Just when my trust in men has died, he lifted me up, counselled me then educating me to a much better path. Im definitely much stronger and much more confident of my future. Words alone cannot express my heartfelt gratefulness towards you. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and appreciate every little thing that you have done for me. I gave praise to the Lord for letting me find you. And great blessings to you and your family , greater success to Kokusai!

Case: 1712160M
I am very grateful to Uncle Magnum for all the kind help and advices that he has given to me. He really go out of his way to help solve my problems sometimes even without considering his own safety. He really cares for us and wants us to be able to regain our strength to move on. What he did really made me feel that there is still a kindness and love in the world. I sincerely thank him from the bottom of my heart and wish for the best for him. Thank you so much, Uncle Magnum and God bless you and your family.

Case: 1801006MR
Thank you Dr Magnum, i highly recommend this organisation because they are dedicate and are professional in delivering result. Dr Magnum is a great respectable man with principles. I am extremely satisfied with their services! Thank you so much.

Case: 17050 48M.
Magnum and his team are very professional and accomodating. Request was well executed. What I am most full of gratitude is that he really tried his utmost to send his operatives even my request for help was last minute.

Case: 1803031M
Thank you for your help Dr Magnum and their team for fast service. Dr. Magnum is very helpful and very kind man.

Case: 1712126M
They were so helpful and very transparent with their cost and no hidden cost. They really look into your problems and their main motive is about helping us and give us support. Really appreciate them.

Case: 1803037MR
Thank you Uncle Magnum and his team for the hard work and excellent service. Your team had helped me locate my cheating wife and the shameless man.

Case: 1611111M
A very organized service. well planned and executed in a efficient way. teamwork at its best. details and information given accurately and explained clearly without any confusion. Thank you for the best service. Well deserved 5 star rating!

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